Create the perfect sleeping space

Have you ever had trouble sleeping because of a stuffy bedroom or too much noise? When sleeping, we can spend many hours in the bedroom without opening doors or windows to air out sufficiently, especially in the winter. Getting the right amount of fresh air is vital for a good night’s rest as a human breathes in and out 22,000 times a day. A poor indoor air quality affects our sleep and may leave us unrested the following day.

What if you could ventilate without losing comfort?

Sleep soundly without draughts or outside noises while still enjoying a constant flow of fresh air with VELUX smart ventilation. This innovative ventilation add-on automatically lets air flow through the ventilation flap and pre-heats it before it enters the room. Giving you all of the benefits of fresh air without unwanted changes in temperature or having to remember to open and close windows at night.

Benefits in the bedroom

Fresh air while you sleep

The new VELUX smart ventilation unit is installed outside on top of the roof window and circulates fresh air through the ventilation flap. It gives you fresh air through a closed window – boosting security while giving you draught-free fresh air. The heat recovery function helps save heating costs during winter by re-using the inside warmth to pre-heat the incoming air.

The product upgrade

INTEGRA electric window


VELUX manual roof window
Manual blackout blind (DKL)*


VELUX manual roof window
VELUX smart ventilation ZOV
Manual duo blind


VELUX manual roof window
VELUX smart ventilation ZOV
VELUX solar double-pleated blind

Upgrade your bedroom window

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. A good sleeping space should be adequately dark and have a constant supply of fresh air. Our upgrade package is designed to give you the best sleeping conditions.

* Combine with awning blind or roller shutter for effective heat protection. Available with manual, electric or solar-powered operation.



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