Room for fun

Children’s rooms are much more than just bedrooms. They’re castles, kitchens, racetracks and fashion shows. They need plenty of daylight to boost creativity. And bigger children and teenagers use their rooms for studying and gaming sessions. Some children get so engrossed in play that they make themselves warm. And teenagers can get so immersed in the latest video game that hours can fly by, leaving the room stuffy and in need of refreshment.

What if fresh air flowed automatically?

It’s possible to have an automatic, stable flow of fresh air with our new add-on system, VELUX smart ventilation. Innovative new technologies with built-in heat recovery let you create a cosy and comfortable environment for everyone with constant fresh air, a stable indoor temperature and no draughts. And because the air is channelled and refreshed through a closed window, it’s a safe solution and totally independent of outside weather conditions.

Benefits in the children's room

Safe and healthy fresh air

The new VELUX smart ventilation unit is installed outside on top of the roof window and circulates fresh air through the ventilation flap of the closed window. It combines two of the most important features of healthy well-being: fresh air and a comfortable indoor temperature thanks to its innovative heat-recovery function.

The product upgrade

INTEGRA electric window


VELUX manual roof window
Manual blackout blind (DKL)*


VELUX manual roof window
VELUX smart ventilation ZOV
Manual duo blind


VELUX manual roof window
VELUX smart ventilation ZOV
VELUX solar double-pleated blind

Upgrade your children’s windows

A child’s room is the scene of many activities and needs lots of light for playing and fun in the daytime and perfect conditions for sleep at night. We have designed an upgrade package that gives your child the perfect environment for both play and sleep.

* Combine with awning blind or roller shutter for effective heat protection. Available with manual, electric or solar-powered operation.



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