Lose the steam. Keep the sizzle

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the smell of cooking can linger in your kitchen, or throughout your home?
Food and the preparation of our meals is central to the time and occasions that we spend together as families. Baking, frying, boiling, stirring and poaching release moisture and smells into the air that can be challenging to get rid of effectively. This can raise the level of unhealthy particles spread throughout the home in a very short space of time.

What if you could instantly let out the steam?

Get rid of unwanted steam, moisture and smells in your kitchen quickly and easily with VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows. Air out with a single touch thanks to preprogrammed ventilation programmes that will even close automatically after a set time. Leaving you with more time to focus on finding the right flavours and spending time with your guests and loved ones.

Benefits in the kitchen

The fast way to fresh air

VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows give you comfort at your fingertips. With the innovative control pad you can air out from anywhere in your home, getting rid of bad air and humidity. Or you choose to air out at pre-defined times that fit your daily routines. You can also time internal and external blinds to raise and lower – for instance when you are away from home.

The product upgrade

INTEGRA electric window


VELUX manual roof window
Manual venetian blind (PAL)*


VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof window
Touchscreen control pad
Electric roller blind (RML)*


VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof window
Touchscreen remote control
Electric pleated blind (FML)*

Upgrade your kitchen windows

Frying foods or cooking a stew can quickly fill the kitchen and home with smells and steam, increasing the temperature and raising the humidity. We have designed an upgrade package that helps you maintain indoor comfort for your family in the kitchen – and throughout the rest of your home.

* Combine with awning blind or roller shutter for effective heat protection. Available with manual, electric or solar-powered operation.



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