Fresh air for your special moments

Sometimes we’re so busy with our guests that we forget to air out – and before we know it the air in the room is stuffy and too warm. Living rooms are filled with life, people, events and special moments. From relaxing on the sofa and conversations with friends to weekend celebrations and home cinemas, they reflect our personalities like no other room in the house. It’s important that everybody feels welcome and comfortable there. Lots of daylight enhances the colours and brightens up the room, but have you considered how important the air quality is?

What if your windows opened automatically?

Give your living room - and special moments – the freshest air possible and boost your well-being with VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof windows. Enjoy the freedom that comes with pre-scheduled ventilation and sun-screening programmes – just two of the many ways that the VELUX INTEGRA® system can breathe new life into your living room and increase your indoor comfort.

Benefits in the living room

Comfort for living

VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof windows place comfort at your fingertips. With the exclusive control pad you can air out whenever you want from anywhere in the house. You can also use the unique pre-defined ventilation and sun-screening programs to ensure perfect indoor comfort in your living room, so it is always pleasant and comfortable.

The product upgrade

INTEGRA electric window


VELUX manual roof window
Manual Roman blind (FHB)*


VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof window
Touchscreen control pad
Electric roller blind (RML)*


VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof window
Touchscreen remote control
Electric pleated blind (FML)*

Upgrade your living room window

Living rooms are for living in every sense of the word. We have designed an upgrade package that makes it possible for you to maintain a pleasant and healthy indoor atmosphere in your living room for every occasion.

* Combine with awning blind or roller shutter for effective heat protection. Available with manual, electric or solar-powered operation.



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