Keep the ideas flowing

Concentrating on an important task can get more and more challenging if it’s too warm, too cold or the air is too stuffy. Ideas thrive in a comfortable environment with little or no distractions. Any disruptions, no matter how big or small, can stop a productive workflow and turn a simple task into a challenge. Plenty of daylight and constant fresh air boost creativity, but sometimes work gets in the way and before you know it, the air can become heavy and unpleasant.

What if fresh air flowed automatically?

The innovative new VELUX smart ventilation add-on lets air flow through the ventilation flap. It’s automatically pre-heated as it flows into the room, giving you all of the benefits of fresh air without unwanted changes in temperature or having to remember to open and close windows during the day. And if you’re using your study as a spare bedroom, your guests will also be able to get all of the benefits of constant fresh air as well without cold draughts.

Benefits in the study room

Constant fresh air without draughts

The new VELUX smart ventilation unit is installed outside on top of the roof window and circulates fresh air through the ventilation flap. It combines two of the most important features of healthy well-being and a clear mind: fresh air and a comfortable indoor temperature thanks to its innovative heat-recovery function.

The product upgrade

INTEGRA electric window


VELUX manual roof window
Manual roller blind (RFL)*


VELUX manual roof window
VELUX smart ventilation ZOV
Manual pleated blind (FHL)*


VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof window
VELUX smart ventilation ZOV
VELUX solar double-pleated blind (FSC)*

Upgrade your study window

The indoor conditions of the study have large influence on creativity and alertness. We have designed an upgrade package that provides better well-being with fresh air, a stable temperature and glare-free light control, so you can stay focused and work comfortably.

* Combine with awning blind or roller shutter for effective heat protection. Available with manual, electric or solar-powered operation.



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